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Red Eared Sliders

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Jan. 1st, 2013 @ 07:25 pm
We're moving cross-country in a few days and I'm wondering how a person transports their tank/filter? The tank itself will be empty, so should we leave the filter full? It will be on the moving truck for about 5-7 days. I just don't want anything nasty growing in it during that time frame...

Thanks in advance!

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New to red ear sliders, looking for tank advise Oct. 20th, 2010 @ 05:21 pm
I recently found myself as a foster parent for a red eared slider. Our contractor had found one swimming in the swimming pool of the house where he's currently working, and since we have desert tortoises, we are "the turtle people". We're waiting to see if the homeowner knows who it belongs to before before build the appropriate materials or adopting it out (I figure it either escaped from someone's pond, or some idiot abandonned it (desert are with very little on standing water)). Haven't heard anything yet (homeowner was on vacation), but figured I'd look into the needs just in case.

It appears to be a she (nails are short and flat plastron), and about 7-8 inches long. Largest tank we have is 10 gallon, so she's in it about half full with a submerged kritter keeper on one end so she can climb some what out of the water, and a small heater. I plan on sticking her in a wire cage we have in the sun if it clears up soon, so she can get her basking that way. But I've read enough to know that she needs much, much bigger accommodations if we keep her. What size tank or plastic storage bin would you suggest for a turtle her size? From what I've been reading, seems like anything from 80-120 gallon is suggested. Is this accurate from your experience?

Thanks for any advise

Tank sizes Aug. 21st, 2010 @ 04:20 pm

Hi all,

I was wondering, how big tanks do you have for your turtles and how high is the water level in them?

It just seems that many people think that turtles can't dive so even if they have large tanks, the water level is very low. My intention is not to sound rude, I hope I don't.

I'm just trying to make more people aware of the fact that turtles indeed can dive and actually love doing so.

I live in Finland and here the recommendation is that Red-eared sliders (and other similar sized turtles) should have at least a 80 gallon tank but preferably bigger. I know tanks are expensive, but you can get them pretty cheap if you buy them as used ones. In the warmer areas/in the turtle's natural habitat you could make an outside pool for them.

You can see one of my turtles in her about 113 gallon tank in my previous post: http://community.livejournal.com/redearedsliders/276186.html I think that her tank is still not big enough and I'm getting a bigger one when I can afford one.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Possible shell rot? Aug. 18th, 2010 @ 08:33 pm
Hello all,

I have yet another I THINK I HAVE A SICK RED EARED SLIDER post. I should note that I am very attached to my turtle and I am incredibly neurotic, so I'm hoping he's just a normal happy turtle.

He is less than a year old. He's been very healthy thus far. He has ample room and his water is always warm. His water is usually always clean, though this past month I've had a little trouble keeping up because his filter broke (I have already got a new one) but it was less than five days that his water was a little grosser than I would like it. He has something to climb on to bask and a lamp. I inherited him from a friend and I am starting to suspect that the lamp he gave me was not UV. I've ordered one and it should be here tomorrow. That fear has certainly just made more nervous.

Here are the symptoms. He's been eating fine, and I don't think he has any repository problems. My concern is his shell. I'm afraid he has shell rot, which is possible considering he had a dirty tank and possibly no UV. He has black bits on his shell. It's on three of his separate geometric bits. I'm not exactly sure what they are called. Where he has the dark spots the rest of that area is much paler than the rest of his shell. There is no oozing or bad smell. It doesn't come off when rubbed and it isn't soft. I tried cleaning him a bit with a toothbrush earlier, and he freaked out much more than he usually does. When I did that a bit of his shell shed. It was clear and seemed to be what is acceptable for them to shed, but under that bit it was paler and there were more black spots. There are not white spots.

I'm asking this here before I go to a vet because they are expensive. So is he just growing and that is the new color of his shell, or is this an early stage of shell rot. I know you are not vets, but I would like an opinion.
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Ill Turtle Aug. 6th, 2010 @ 01:54 am
Hi everyone
I have an ill red-eared slider.  I just got him and I thought they would be easy and entertaining pets - I was wrong!

I bought my red-eared slider from a local fish store.  He's 4 months old and seemed to be an overall normal turtle.  The place I bought him from turned out to be a nightmare.  I asked what I would need in order to build and maintain a happy turtle habitat.  He said, "All you need is water and a place to come out."

So... without any research, I bought my slider, Carlo, and brought him home and put him in a small beta fish tank.  Forty-five minutes later I realized Carlo was not a happy camper.  I researched all that night and found out that not only does he need a larger tank, but he needs a basking area, a heat lamp, a uvb lamp, and much more!  I went to a local independent pet store where I purchased a $200 Zilla Turtle tank that came with everything he needed! I was very happy, and so was Carlo.

Four hours after he was all set up his UVB light bulb blew! I was not happy.  I brought it back the next day and they ordered me a brand new one for free.  They said he should be fine for a few days without it, so I went back home and waited.

Fast forward to last night: I was watching the little guy swim around (he's very entertaining) and I noticed he kept getting stuck to the filter and struggling to swim away from it.  I also noticed a little discolouration on his shell so I picked him up to see if it was just the water... it wasn't.  The edge of his shell was soft and off-colour from the rest of it.  I panicked and looked it up online and came to the conclusion that he probably has Soft-Shell Syndrome.  I was sad and felt really guilty all night.

I went to the pet store this morning and they suggested I take home a frozen mouse, thaw it out, skin it, chop it up into small pieces, and feed it to him.  Needless to say I was more than a little horrified, but I enjoy the little guy so I sucked it up and cut up the mouse and fed it to him.  He's now basking and I might be a little too hopeful, but he looks to be a bit stronger when swimming.  I'm getting the UVB light replaced tomorrow so hopefully that'll help also.

I hate that there are places like the place I bought him from.  I realized after blaming myself for his condition that it's not my fault.  There's no way I could have caused this in the 4 days I've had him.  I also don't remember seeing a heat lamp or a UVB lamp, only a basking rock.  I also don't think they fed him very well, or properly.

I know that Soft-Shell Syndrome is nearly impossible to treat and is even harder to reverse, but I'm hoping I can save this little guy! I've taken quite a liking to Carlo and I'd like to see him get as big as some of the turtles in this community! 

So I guess I'm here to ask: what else do you suggest I do to keep Carlo happy/healthy or anything else I can do to help treat this painful condition?

Thank you.

Filter Recomendations? Jul. 16th, 2010 @ 02:31 pm
I currently have Indy and Davy hanging out in their 30 gallon long tank (upgrading when they get bigger but they're happy for now with lots of room to spare!) which I have filled with about five inches of water for them since they hate to be deeper than that and I'm looking for a good filter recommendation for this type of set up. I just tried the Zoo Med 501 but Indy has a habit of pulling down anything and everything that's held on with suction cups (Our turtle islands are not stationary; they are FLOATING). I also just found Indy with his head stuck under the bubble bar and I'm very concerned about him getting caught in there.

This leads me to believe that any external filters that use tubing are not going to be ideal for my boys. Any recommendations for something that would be be slightly better? In the past, I've used Tetra models that seemed to die after a while and didn't deal with the sludge very well, even when I was changing the cartridges every couple of weeks. Therefore...any ideas for a good filter for my two boys? Money isn't really an issue as long as I have something that works; the little monsters have somehow managed to get me to sink most of my paycheck into their care for a couple years now and they love it.

They seem to really love the in tank cliff type of filter that provides a climbing surface but I've found that most of those are not all that great for cleaning out the tank. Any suggestions or ideas for something different?

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Basking area solution May. 26th, 2010 @ 04:37 am

Hi, I've never posted to this forum, but I considered this might be interesting and helpful.

This is not the best picture but I hope you can make sense out of it. I've built a basking area for my sliders from an ordinary plastic container box and attached it to the aquarium with s-hooks. It's not the prettiest thing, but the turtles seem to like it. It has a ramp and plastic grass mat on the "floor", so the turtles can climb easily into the box. Having a basking area with a lid allows you to rise up the water level, so the turtles have more room to swim in and be safe/not able to climb over the edges.


I'm not sure how to put the picture behind a cut, but I hope this doesn't bother anyone too much. Oh and sorry for my English.

Erin's new chaise longue May. 21st, 2010 @ 07:32 pm
The slow couch dance of the basking turtle:
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New to the community with Tuddle Jan. 11th, 2010 @ 07:08 pm
My name is Amber and I am from south Louisiana.

This is not my first RES, I had a turtle who lived 15 years in my care (He was older when I got him). I am very compassionate when it comes to animals but I usually don't intervene when my family makes bad decisions on pets because it usual falls on deaf ears.

On to Tuddle:

Last year, I went with my parents and niece to a reptile show. After lots of whining and begging, my parents purchased my niece a tiny RES. My niece already had two RES which she caught in a ditch near our home. My parents purchased her one of those little island things that they sell for turtles to put this little guy in. He started to stink because she didn't clean the tiny island thing so, the little turtle ended up outside with the, much larger, turtles in a 15g long aquarium that we set up for the existing turtles since they weren't going to stay here for long, we knew she would lose interest and we would release them. The turtles seemed happy for a while in their tiny tank and then it was decided that the larger turtles (probably about 4 inches) needed to go back to where they came from. The tiny turtle stayed and ended up in a 1 gallon bucket in the laundry room because it started getting cold outside. It was decided that, when it got warm again, the little turtle would be released like the poor other rejected turtles. The little guy has been in captivity since he(assuming he's a he) was hatched. I have been feeling really bad for the little guy in the 1 gallon bucket and I decided that it would probably be more humane for the little dude if he had a larger place to live. I have a 40g tank with 2-3 inch fancy goldfish (temp stays at 75f, warm for goldfish but it gets very cold in this house, so I keep it there year round). I took the little guy out of his 1 gallon bucket today and put him in my tank with his basking platform. He seems to be adjusting well. He swims around and, so far, is ignoring the "gigantic" goldfish. I'm really not sure I'm going to keep him, I have been looking into getting a larger aquarium (75 gallon) and if all works out, he'll have that aquarium.

I know this is getting really long but, Tuddle is pretty small, maybe just over an inch. I remember him being not much smaller than that when he was purchased, May of 09. What can cause a RES to not grow? Malnutrition? He's alert and is basking (getting a UVB and heat lamp for him this week), he eats really well.
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