Red Eared Sliders

All Chelonians Welcome

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This is a community for people with an interest in Red Eared Slider turtles and other chelonians, whether for breeding or as pets or both.

Anyone can join this community, it will however be moderated for decency. Please feel free to post pics and discuss methods for raising our turtles.

This community is also open to other breeds of turtles of course, we don't discriminate =)

Feel free to post questions about set up, diet, illness prevention, etc. Here are some links that will help you find your answers in the mean time:

Other great forums
Happy Turtles Pub
Kingsnake.com's RES forum
Turtle Times

General care information
Austins Turtle Page RES care sheet
Vitamins and Minerals... Finding a good balance
Housing ideas!
Care sheet

If you're having an emergency please call a vet. Heres a link to help you find a herp vet in your area.

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